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    Law 12.6 Kick off

    Thread Starter: gettingTooOldToPlay

    Hi, Ruling that caught everyone out at a recent game: Kick off to start the match landed before 10m line, no defenders moved, and did not touch the ball. The ball bounced beyond the 10m line, and was then picked up by an attacking player who ran on and scored. The referee stated that the ball...

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    Knocked out but played on

    Thread Starter: N1ckalot

    Hi all Today at U15s girls match i witnessed a girl being knocked out by someones foot during a tackle. The girl was face down with arms by her side and did not move for 10 seconds. The girl was head injury assessed by a doctor and cleared to carry on. Im confused! Trauma to the head that is...

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    Penalise teams late onto the field

    Thread Starter: Zebra1922

    Id like the hive minds opinion on when you would penalise a team for being late onto the field of play with a penalty. one team was late today leading to a 1402 KO instead of 1400. Oppo coaches were adamant I should have given a penalty, voicing their opinions both before and after the game...

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    [RWC]. Who will win the RWC 2015?

    Thread Starter: L'irlandais

    Only 5 teams have ever made it to the final. :nz: :aus: :rsa: (must do some'th about that flag!) :eng: & :france: Add to them :wales: and :arg: who have made it to the semi final.

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    Tackler not going to ground doesnt have to release ?

    Thread Starter: CrouchTPEngage

    Just confused by the laws pasted in below.I often see ball carriers go to ground due the attentions of a defender who remains on his feet. In this case, has a tackle been completed ? The defender is in contact with the ball carrier as he sends him to ground. Because the defender did not go to...

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