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    seymour high tackled

    Thread Starter: didds

    Seymour when scoring gets a huge clatter round the neck. Obvs is advantage and score. But no card? Not even a chat. What were the new year high tackle missives about then? Didds

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    Sco V Wales, FK taken beside scrum

    Thread Starter: crossref

    At about 23min, Wales are awarded a FK at a scrum, and the Welsh 9 takes the FK quickly where he is standing, ie beside the scrum, about a metre from it. Wales score in the corner The FK should be taken from *behind* the scrum, shouldn't it. I would have pulled that back.

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    Defending Scrum offside

    Thread Starter: breako

    Reds play Blues. Reds Scrum. Defending Scrum half from Blues stands besides Red SH in usual position. After the feed it goes around and stands 5M in front of his number 10 in line with the hindmost foot of the number 8. Is he offside? Law 20.12 (e) The scrum half whose team does not win...

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    NO WRAP = Red Card

    Thread Starter: Donk93953

    Twenty minutes into first/half Under 19 game in USA. White Player is brought down with no wrap (this is subject to debate from witnesses). Contact well below waist by Blue tackler. Referee had not admonished either team for dangerous, non-wrapping or high tackles. Blue tackler awarded yellow...

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    Blog by Ben Ryan the (former) Fijian Rugby 7s (Olympic Gold medal team) coach.

    Thread Starter: L'irlandais

    Excellent blog post from Ben Ryan. Thought I share it, on here, as it's well worth the read. Watching international and premiership rugby and watching skill levels much lower than they should be. Pass technique varies with every pass and rarely do their hands end up pointing towards their...

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