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    Penalty best position !

    Thread Starter: rugbyslave

    I have a question and hopefully I can explain it without the video, White have a Line-out and start a Maul, green decide to collapse the maul-- referee calls penalty advantage. Play continues across the field on the 22m line which is where the original penalty occurred 5m from touch, another...

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    U13 rfu nrop

    Thread Starter: AntonyGoodman

    Hi, Anyone got a copy of the RFU U13 NROP trial rules for 2015/2016 (season just finished)? Thanks, Antony

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    English Culture

    Thread Starter: crossref

    this is interesting from Eric Cantona -- Is there anything in it? I see some correlation between the way that Eddie Jones is avoiding the two week lock-ins at Pennyhill park. Of course football is different from rugby, there is more set piece and moves to practice, more calls to...

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    22 drop?

    Thread Starter: bellnier

    Attacking White kicks ball and it bounces deep into the try zone. Black player elects to play the ball, panics, and kicks the ball forward. Charging White player, while in the try zone, contacts the ball with his hands and ball goes touch-in-goal. White originally put the ball into the try zone and...

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    Robert Burns

    Referees and the Freemasons?

    Thread Starter: Robert Burns

    I had an email from a referee today who said he would tell me a good way of getting up the refereeing ladder. He told me that he joined the Freemasons and was promoted quicker than others who he had started with. I must admit this concerned me slightly but I thought I would conduct a straw...

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