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    Kick From Own In-goal

    Thread Starter: Speedymetric

    Could anyone please tell me what the ruling is for the following scenario in an Under 14's game? Defensive scrum on own 5m line (in this case the scrum was non contested, assuming this makes no difference though) halfback passes ball back into own in-goal where fly half kicks the ball out on the...

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    Question on position of 5-metre scrum

    Thread Starter: Camquin

    If the defender takes the ball into the in-goal and grounds the ball the scrum 5 is in line with the grounding. (22.7) If the defender takes the ball into the in-goal and put the ball into touch in-goal or over the dead ball line 22.11 applies. However it only says: If the ball was played...

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    Where are you this weekend? 2015/2016.

    Thread Starter: Daftmedic

    That time of year again troops. With pre season starting very soon.

    Last Post By: Lee Lifeson-Peart 9 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Weekly whistle

    Thread Starter: rugbyslave

    https://m.facebook.com/springboks/?fref=nf Here is a clip once a week which ask what was the penalty for.

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    Knock out competitions

    Thread Starter: FlipFlop

    We all know that in U19 and below there is a restriction on playing time. So if a game ends in a draw, we can't play extra time. But would people allow a kicking contest to decide the winner?

    Last Post By: davidgh 1 Hour Ago Go to last post
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