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    Wales quickly taken PK...

    Thread Starter: mcroker

    ...after a yellow card, whilst England had a man off the field being subbed and water and physios were on the field. Iím not sure I would have allowed play to resume. Still will teach England to wake up....

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    When to make the mark

    Thread Starter: crossref

    At a PK, after consulting the TMO you issue a YC Meanwhile a player is called off for an HIA Q .. before making the mark for the PK should you wait until the YC and HIA players have actually left the pitch ? Or do you make the mark and allow the non offending team to take the PK quickly ?

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    Wales milked Penalty

    Thread Starter: BikingBud

    Nothing on and going to be tackled so throws a forward pass into Watson and milks a yellow card!!

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    Placer Question

    Thread Starter: crossref

    (another one adapted from elsewhere, will credit tue source when we have had a go) Have a go at this one in match time .. ie give yourself the amount of thinking time as you would in a game (no rush, but you don't have all day) and no Law book . (we can look at Law book tomorrow). After...

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    Kurtley beale - lucky to stay on the field?

    Thread Starter: Jz558

    In all the fuss over the sending off of Scott Barrett I cant help feeling that Kurtley Beale was lucky to stay on the field for his cheap shot on Goodhue in the lead up to the All Black's first try. As the try was reviewed to check sequence of events I cant help feeling that this was overlooked. On...

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