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    The effect of referee of rugby betting

    Thread Starter: manu99

    Morning all, I've just registered for tho forum and was wondering if I could put a question to you all. This certainly seems to be a knowledgable community so any help would be really appreciated. I run a rugby betting tipping service which specialises in total points bets. The effect that a...

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    Hygiene... Blood

    Thread Starter: Huck2Spit

    Read a reply here once, "there's no stupid questions", so here goes: at a midfield ruck ball is on ground black BC & blue tackler release/roll away, no issues. Scan lines, their onsides, then back to ruck everyones on their feet "rucking" when dollops of blood fall directly on to the ball--like a...

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    Where are you this weekend? 2015/2016.

    Thread Starter: Daftmedic

    That time of year again troops. With pre season starting very soon.

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    kid a

    Question on Law 10.2

    Thread Starter: kid a

    The law above states that a player must not intentionally knock the ball out. But what if a player tries to do this, but before the ball goes out of play, it first touches another player? So in effect, the law then becomes semantical, as the ball actually never reached 'out of play' directly by...

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    Statistics: lead changing from side to side

    Thread Starter: Rushforth

    The post about betting got me to post this. Well, actually I was considering it since a humdinger of a match my club lost last week, having been ahead three (different) times in the game. It is common, particularly when one side is outmatched, for the team that scores first to never lose the...

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