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    Touched in flight

    Thread Starter: BCH24

    May I have your views on this please? U14 school match. Blue is attacking and are five metres out from Red try line. Red turnover the ball, and pass it back, over the try line towards the dead ball line. Red kick to clear their lines. Most of red are in front of the kicker. Blue touch the...

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    Reconciling 15.6(b) and 15.7(a)

    Thread Starter: ChrisR

    Is it just me or are 15.6 (b) and 15.7 (a) in conflict? 15.6 Other Players (b) After a tackle any players on their feet may attempt to gain possession by taking the ball from the ball carrier’s possession. 15.7 Forbidden Practices (a) No player may prevent the tackled player from...

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    How to completely mess up supporting referees and player recruitment

    Thread Starter: mark.lucas

    The RFU still hasn't really progressed - just look at this train crash of an article: http://m.bbc.com/sport/rugby-union/38634427 Assuming these reported comments are valid then just wait for the Wail to refer to 57 old farts and completely mess any member recruitment efforts by local clubs. ...

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    Why does the ball carrier have to be at the back?

    Thread Starter: Paule23

    As I understand it, once a maul has formed the ball should always be at the back of the maul, so as players join on the ball carriers side, the ball should be passed back through the maul so the last rear most person in the mail has the ball. If the ball stays in the middle of the ball the team...

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    Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Ex-international Rugby Players

    Thread Starter: Lee Lifeson-Peart

    My current list of ex-internationals I have refereed increased by 20% on Saturday. It currently stands at 6. Jamie Bloem - SA RL Garry Pearce - Wales RU, British Lions, Wales RL Dave Scully - Eng 7s John Bentley - Eng RU, British Lions, GB RL Mark Calderwood - GB RL, England RL

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