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    Forming a Maul - Or not?

    Thread Starter: talbazar

    Hi All, I did have a look but didn't find this exact subject. So accept my apologies if it's already somewhere. That could happen in open play, but most often than not in a line out, so that's the scenario I'll describe. Blue vs. Red Line out, Blue throw in. Blue Second pod jumps and...

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    Pushing ("supporting") your own ball carrier into the opposition tacklers

    Thread Starter: WPLoosie

    Is it Legal to bind onto your ball carrying teammate and push/support him into the opposition tackler/s, i.e. bind onto your ball carrier before he makes contact with tackler/s? One could argue this happens all the time around the ruck, but is it considered to be the same scenario when your big...

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    Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Where are you this weekend? 2016/17

    Thread Starter: Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Right, I'll start it off. This weekend I have a pre-season friendly Goole (L9) v Pontefract (L8). I only did one 7s tournament over the summer however I have lost over 1 stone since April and am running 2-3 times a week so should be a bit quicker this year. Passed the YRS fitness test for my...

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    Dickie E

    NZ v Aust

    Thread Starter: Dickie E

    thought this might have been worth a 2nd look by TMO. Admittedly was only 6 mins into game so focus could have been on dessert

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    Are football studs now specifically outlawed?

    Thread Starter: smudgie49

    I've just transferred between societies and been copied in on some emails mandating that we strictly enforce the Reg 12 Sch 2 in respect of studs this season. The email also states that 'football studs' are illegal although I'm struggling to understand exactly why? Being a newbie to the society I'm...

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