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    Advantage after a knock on - ball then freely kicked

    Thread Starter: crossref

    Black lose possession forward, and the ball is on the ground. Red kick it, the kick is freely taken - Advantage over right ? http://sport.bt.com/video/that-is-brutal-burns-has-day-to-forget-91364302784196 :wink:

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    Collapsing Rucks

    Thread Starter: crossref

    Given that the Law says you can't collapse a ruck, and you must endeavour to stay on your feet, why do we allow players to perform judo rolls and similar, where you take both your opponent and yourself to ground ? That's the question Ben Ryan asks Nigel Owens .. who doesnt half waffle on in...

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    "Can't intentionally knock the ball back"

    Thread Starter: ChrisR

    Auckland vs. Otago https://youtu.be/yvNEWjB7hww?t=30 "Can't intentionally knock the ball back. Off you go" :wtf:

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    Advantage after a PT offence

    Thread Starter: DocY

    A situation I didn't see, but was told about and thought quite interesting: Black make a break and about 5m from the goal line the BC commits the fullback and passes to a support player. The support player is pulled back early (and the infringing player was YC'd) so fails to catch the ball, but...

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    Age-Grade crib-sheet for wallet (England)

    Thread Starter: mcroker

    I quite frequently ref. age-grade rugby, and have the devil of a time remembering all the countless age-grade variations. I created this crib sheet to laminate & carry in my ref. wallet to use as quick pre-match aid-memorie. Sharing in the hope somebody else finds it useful... ...

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