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    Dickie E

    open letter - is this the right thing?

    Thread Starter: Dickie E

    https://melbournerebels.com/2017/09/13/open-letter-from-the-victorian-rugby-union-board/ I'm interested in what others think about apolitcal bodies becoming involved in, and taking a stance, on contentious social issues. My view: while I support marriage equality I don't think it is in the...

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    I hate these weird touch scenarios !

    Thread Starter: crossref

    From my game yesterday, green kick for touch , black 11 jumps from the field of play to try and knock the ball back in play , but his knock is unsuccessful, the ball still lands in touch (as does black 11) So whose throw is it ? It all depends on whether the ball had passed the plane, doesn't...

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    Removal of post-protector mid-game

    Thread Starter: oliver

    Here's one I've never seen before. In the Bay of Plenty v Counties Manukau game this weekend, BOP are attacking the CM line. One of the CM players removes the post-protector (let's assume he just wanted to defend the line more easily and it wasn't a more cynical removal). The referee immediately...

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    Another odd one

    Thread Starter: crossref

    From my interesting game at the weekend I award a PK to black inside their own 22m and play advantage as they have the ball, and an opportunity to counter attack , black centre gets away and hoofs the ball a long way down the pitch . but it bounces into touch . I come back for the PK and...

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    Penalty Kick After Time.

    Thread Starter: Taff

    I saw a clip of a local game over the weekend which got me thinking. With the new law trials, if a PK is awarded after time is up and the team kick to touch, we still take the LO. So far so good. If the team are winning and want to end the game, we are told they have to take the PK (out of...

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