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    Anyone see a foul here...?

    Thread Starter: Donk93953

    The USA Rugby administration doesn’t think this foul play raises to the level of a serious offense.... Your thoughts?

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    Tmo farce

    Thread Starter: Christy


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    Injuries and "Injuries"

    Thread Starter: Shelflife

    Whats the accepted norm for stopping play ? Normally I will stop play or wont restart until a player can get to their feet, by and large it works well and id be consistent about it. When you get to the point of a team having "injuries" at virtually every break in play as they are hanging on...

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    Phil E

    World Rugby Laws App

    Thread Starter: Phil E

    Has just updated on my Apple device to the 2018 Law Book version.

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    Maul - Legal collapse

    Thread Starter: Willehj

    Hi When a maul is collapsed (brought to the ground) legally by the team taking the ball in to the maul, does it become a ruck or a tackle? Thanks Huw

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