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    Age-Grade crib-sheet for wallet (England)

    Thread Starter: mcroker

    I quite frequently ref. age-grade rugby, and have the devil of a time remembering all the countless age-grade variations. I created this crib sheet to laminate & carry in my ref. wallet to use as quick pre-match aid-memorie. Sharing in the hope somebody else finds it useful... ...

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    Two questions, kicking and elbow's for under 11's

    Thread Starter: BrummieRef

    Under 11's - Age grade rugby. So start of a new season, I think I have the rules nailed but just want to check. 1) Kicking and the ball does not go directly into touch but bounces on the pitch first. My understanding is the ball bouncing means there can be a gain in territory for the kicking...

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    Advantage after a knock on - ball then freely kicked

    Thread Starter: crossref

    Black lose possession forward, and the ball is on the ground. Red kick it, the kick is freely taken - Advantage over right ? http://sport.bt.com/video/that-is-brutal-burns-has-day-to-forget-91364302784196 :wink:

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    Marc Wakeham

    Exeter Vs Munster

    Thread Starter: Marc Wakeham

    Any thoughts?

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    Explaining Infringements to Rookies?

    Thread Starter: RugbyStudent

    Hi all, I'm trying to come up with a resource to explain the structure of infringements to rookies as simply as possible and was hoping to get others' thoughts... What do you all think? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LNSWEKeX_bT991YdTVc8w6CWxpJ-PDIA/view?usp=sharing Thanks!

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