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    Emergency stop in last play

    Thread Starter: breako

    After 80 mins and it's last play. There's an emergency stop because player gets injured and ball is coming his way. Is it then game over?

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    Maul to ruck

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    I've looked at old threads and the laws but still can't make my mind up. Red catch and drive from line out 10m out. I call maul. Black eventually get defence sorted and stop forward momentum at 5m line. Before I say anything red realise the momentum has stopped and ball carrier goes to ground...

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    Tackled player with single teammate bound on legal?

    Thread Starter: dmaclach

    New member here, apologies if this has been asked before. I spent a few minutes looking and didn't find anything obvious recently... So I was playing with the "Laws of Rugby" app and have run into a question about tackling/rucks that I am unable to reconcile with the laws. Taking a look at this...

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    Tap tackle , or actually no tackle

    Thread Starter: Christy

    Red 7 chasing blue 7 ball carrier . From behind. Red 7 cant quite catch blue 7 for a full on tackle, so dives and taps blue 7 ankle . They both end up on floor Blue 7 whilst on floor , turns on floor & presents ball for his support players. Who are too slow getting there. Red 7 gets...

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    Thread Starter: Cross

    About Nigel Ownes' latest incident. Is that really his place to start giving manners advice? That's basically it. I can understand a penalty restart. I can understand a yellow card. Hell, I can even understand if he disallowed the try. But just make the call. What if Zebo hadn't apologized?...

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