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    NZL v IRE Penalty try and the "attempt to wrap"

    Thread Starter: didds

    we hear of wording similar to "players must attempt to wrap arms in a tackle" etc, hence you cnat just throw yourself bodily at somebody's feet to create a trip hazard. Ive been challeneged to find this in the laws - and I cant find it under "tackel" or "foul play" .?? help! didds

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    How are the RWC refs doing so far ?

    Thread Starter: crossref

    Wayne Barnes and Paul Williams up Everyone else down ? https://www.thesouthafrican.com/sport/poor-refereeing-spoils-day-two-of-rugby-world-cup/

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    RWC NZ vs Ireland.. henshaw's fluffed grounding.

    Thread Starter: ChuckieB

    ...A case of too much advantage?

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    Thread Starter: kgmat10

    Is there a specific law that says the referee stops the clock when issuing a card? In every match I’ve watched, you see the ref blow their whistle, signal a penalty, raise their hands to signify time off, and then call on captain and offending player to issue the card.....but I can't find a...

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    Biggar “Tackle” on Vakatawa

    Thread Starter: dfobrien

    Should Dan Biggar’s “tackle” on Vakatawa in the Welsh 22 towards the end of the WC QF today not have been penalised? Basically, Vakatawa ran straight over him, but Biggar stood straight up, made no effort to get low, and no effort to wrap any arms around him. I’m not suggesting it merited any...

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