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    England V Australia

    Thread Starter: Pegleg

    Well half time 3-17 So far so good for Wales' interests. Nothing against England but knowing the last game was a little less important would ease the nerves.

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    Quickly taken lineout

    Thread Starter: ianh5979

    Interesting one in my game today, Ball kicked into touch by black, hits a spectator and bounces back to blue player, who moved to correct line of touch and threw the ball in (straight ) to a team mate, black complained because it hit a spectator so blue couldn't take a quick throw. I was happy that...

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    [RWC]Rugby World Cup 2015: Bigger, faster, stronger, ...

    Thread Starter: L'irlandais

    rugby union, a sport that has certainly grown up since its first World Cup in 1987 Source : http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/rugby-union/34314851

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    Players going past the ball at breakdown

    Thread Starter: Gracie

    Is this really allowed? Watching this WC I'm struck by the way the southern hemisphere teams in particular go past the ball at the breakdown. In part this is the tactic of flopping over the breakdown to stop the opposition competing, but all too often it involves running round in front of the...

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    Tackling the support player.

    Thread Starter: Balones

    A couple of scenarios:- 1.) A ball carrier has a player latched onto him to provide extra weight. A tackler comes across and ploughs into both players and brings them both to ground. He makes contact with the support player first. 2.) As above but the tackler tackles the 'latch' and it is the...

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