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    Stoppages after 80 mins

    Thread Starter: crossref

    One odd thing about the France v Wales 100 minute game : after the clock reached 80 minutes from then on it didn't stop for anything - for instance all through the prolonged discussions WB had with the 4th official the clock ran and ran. Same for subsequent injuries, same for the TMO inspection of...

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    Thread Starter: bellnier

    Had a brain cramp on Saturday. Defender grabs ball carrier with both hands, stopping his advance, and then sweeps his leg across the ball carriers legs to bring him to ground. Ball carrier complained after that is was either illegal under 10.4(d) (I have always considered a 'trip' as being...

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    Ball emerging over the goal line

    Thread Starter: DocY

    Something another referee was telling me recently that seemed wrong: If the ball is at the back of a ruck and goes over the goal line, an attacking player can't dive on it because you can't dive on a ball as it emerges from a ruck. My first thoughts were "that's b******s", but other opinions...

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    Thread Starter: winchesterref

    Bit of a rib tickler.

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    Grounded Not grounded?

    Thread Starter: ChuckieB

    Today; Crusaders vs Western Force and the Crusaders try 26 minutes in (perhaps someone can help with access to the clip?) Grounded/Not grounded by the Force - seems to be getting a few people a bit hot under the collar! I was watching the game and I know my view but thought I would throw...

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