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    Emergency stop in last play

    Thread Starter: breako

    After 80 mins and it's last play. There's an emergency stop because player gets injured and ball is coming his way. Is it then game over?

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    Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Where are you this weekend? 2018/19

    Thread Starter: Lee Lifeson-Peart

    Off we go again. :) This weekend I have:- Level 7 - Yorkshire 1 Old Crossleyans (Halifax) v Dinnington Crocs, former club of BCM666 of this parish (occasionally) and newly promoted against Dinno relegated from N1E last year. I did Crocs' last game of last season by coincidence.

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    MARK - Is this a valid mark ?

    Thread Starter: CrouchTPEngage

    Blue kicks a penalty kick which misses the posts and is heading towards the red defender who is standing in his own in-goal area. Red defender ( shouts "MARK!" ) and tries to catch the ball but it rebounds of his chest and arms and bounces up into the air and forward about 1 metre. He successfully...

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    Worcester v Bath .. 97 minutes

    Thread Starter: crossref

    We ought to at least mention this marathon game ! Attacking 5m scrum to Worcester on 77th minute. Worcester are playing against 14 due to earlier RC 20 minutes later .. with the clock showing 97 minutes ! Bath are by now reduced to 11 men, but still contesting the scrum , and Worcester finally...

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    Ball over plane of touch but blown back in

    Thread Starter: breako

    It's a windy day. The ball is kicked over the plane of touch, doesn't touch anything and is then blown back in. Is it in touch? Thanks

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