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    by Published on 30-08-11 01:08
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    Deaf Rugby...what?

    Many of you won't have had exposure to Deaf Rugby Players playing the game, yet I think ...
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    Thread Starter: OB..

    Historical evidence makes it pretty certain that WWE did not convert Rugby football from a kicking game to a handling one, but he is nonetheless a Person Of Interest, so I have been searching the relevant nineteenth censuses for more information about him. No luck at all! We know from other...

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    C-19 lockdown exercide

    Thread Starter: didds

    so what are we all doing to maintain fitness duroig "lockdown" - appreciating that as we are a global fraternity here differing countries will have doifferent levels of lockdown and national expectations etc ? Me? Im running as usual. I try to keep off private land generally (where I would...

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    Richard smith

    Others sporting interests

    Thread Starter: Richard smith

    Anyone have any other interests outside Rugby?? If so, what & how did you become involved with your other sport???

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    Coronavirus Impact

    Thread Starter: smeagol

    The impact of the pandemic on the professional game is well-documented, but has it started to impact the amateur game? I just got an email this morning that a 7s tournament scheduled for March 28 is cancelled, as the host school has put a halt to all club sports.

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