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    by Published on 30-08-11 01:08
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    Deaf Rugby...what?

    Many of you won't have had exposure to Deaf Rugby Players playing the game, yet I think ...
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    Thread Starter: SimonSmith

    Can I get a sanity check? Dying minutes of the game. Italy are piling on the pressure. Winger has ball in hand and is haring off to the goal line. Penaud comes in and slaps the ball; winger falls on the ball with his chest, in goal. Decision: knock on. Scrum France. My instinctive reaction...

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    Hands in the ruck?

    Thread Starter: menace

    Looking at the ruck at 4:05 (video time) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmdKqbe3m20 Is anyone awarding that try? Surely the player that picks up the ball is part of the ruck? (he's not last feet/man). Although the other 2 behind him are not technically bound - I'd judge they have still...

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    deliberate knock up

    Thread Starter: didds

    From about 7 bseconds when Blue intercept... https://twitter.com/rugbycomau/status/1106948160750944257 thoughts? didds PS you shouldn;t need a twitter account to be able to see it AIUI

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