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    [Law] Re: Laws of Rugby Union - 1922

    All sorted as a result of OB pointing me in the direction of the RFU museum who were extremely helpful.

    We did think about trying to do a match in accord with the 1922 laws but the liability...
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    [Law] Re: Laws of Rugby Union - 1922

    Thanks OB - something to plan for the next time I'm down south.
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    [Law] Laws of Rugby Union - 1922

    A bit of an odd query but worth a try. My club has its centenary year in 2022 and weve started planning a series of events to mark the occasion. Ive been asked to try to track down the laws of...
  4. [Scrum] Re: New scrum law to be introduced immediately, apparently...

    It might not have been necessary in terms of strict compliance with the new law, but its certainly within the spirit of what World Rugby is trying to achieve. Good management Id say.
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    [Scrum] Re: Uncontested scrums

    With my Society head on, I would back my referee 100% and would expect him or her to have managed the situation as per OB’s advice. With my CB head on, I would expect the result to be the same. I...
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    RFU - Business Planning Communication

    Just received an RFU business planning communication - swingeing cuts across the board at community level, including this:

    Changes in how the training programme for coaches and match officials is...
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    [Law] Re: Application of Laws

    It's not quite an urban myth - the laws for the men's and women's game are the same now, but that wasn't always the case. See this document going back to 2015 where, subject to league level, 35...
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    [Scrum] Re: Sanction for not using it at the Scrum

    This is covered in law 19.

    Infringement/stoppage - Failure to “use it” at scrum, ruck or maul.

    Location of scrum - In the scrum zone at the point closest to where the scrum, ruck or maul took...
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    [Law] Re: After final whistle

    Blow your whistle like you would if there was a mass brawl during the game. Wait for it all to calm down. If it’s just pushing, shoving and verbals, let it go. Make a few notes if there were...
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    [Ruck] Re: Won the Jackle but not using the ball

    I suspect hes not lifting the ball because he wants to fool the ref into giving a penalty against the original ball carrier for holding on. A variation on this theme that Ive seen involved the...
  11. [Law] Re: Is spitting at an opposition player a red card ?

    Red without question - but be prepared for the player to tell the disciplinary panel that he spat at the ground and in no way was it directed at another player.
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    Re: Question for Scottish referees

    Not quite - after a working lifetime spent south of the border, I may be retiring 'back home' in the not too distant future.
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    Question for Scottish referees

    Which Society covers the Dumfriesshire area? West or Borders?
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    [Law] Re: Free kick from the grass

    22DO or scrum back if the ball went dead through ingoal.
  15. Re: Why do I keep tearing my calf muscle ? Any advice ?

    I used to suffer from persistent calf strains even with a good warm up. Changed my boots to Asics Gel Lethals and the problem didn’t recur.
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    [Law] Re: Advantage after a PT offence

    It would only be a penalty try if the try would have been scored in a more advantageous position but for the foul play. If by similar position, you mean similar to where the try was actually scored,...
  17. Re: What the f*** is happening with Lancashire's Leagues

    Six Cumbrian clubs have appealed. Until the appeal is determined, the league structures in the north west cannot be confirmed. The intermediate league fixtures also cannot be confirmed until the...
  18. Re: What the f*** is happening with Lancashire's Leagues

    We have a merit table structure in the North West that goes from level 6 down to level 12 but it’s mainly second and third teams. This is a whole new ball game and involves the first teams from 24...
  19. Re: What the f*** is happening with Lancashire's Leagues

    I would guess that the new Lancashire leagues will be graded somewhere between 7 and 9 to correspond with the levels of the clubs who are taking part. Over time, I suspect those levels might drop as...
  20. Re: What the f*** is happening with Lancashire's Leagues

    Wouldn’t work and would lead to ridiculous mismatches. For refereeing purposes, the Premiership and Championship are graded at levels 6 and 7 and Divisions 1 and 2 at levels 8 and 9 respectively,...
  21. Thread: Tmo farce

    by colesy

    [6N] Re: Tmo farce

    Maybe the TMO was thinking about law 22.15 - where there’s doubt about the grounding, 5m scrum attack.
  22. [Ruck] Re: Pawing/holding the ball back for the scrum half

    I was thinking more along the lines of the situation where the defending team has lost the contest, but the ball is in such a position that it might take the 9 an inordinate length of time to dig it...
  23. [Ruck] Re: Pawing/holding the ball back for the scrum half

    Technically illegal but, if the ball is clearly won by one side, let it go in the interest of quick ball and continuity.
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    [Law] Re: Remembering How to Restart after a stoppage!

    Well you could, but some might expect you to have made a note of that on your score card :smile:
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    [Law] Re: Wasps Flying Wedge ?

    What you describe wouldn't appear to match the description of a flying wedge as given in law.
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