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    Re: Next season's trials..

    I think this out of our LEAGUE :biggrin:
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    Re: Next season's trials..

    Why don't we enforce a clear gap / daylight between the defensive line and the offside line. It will have a similar effect to delaying their movement and might be easier to see infringements.
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    Re: retaken conversion

    Interesting thoughts, but I would take this a bit further and combine these?

    Try scored;
    Clock stops;
    Referee consults with AR's and TMO to ensure the try is valid, once it is declare as...
  4. Re: Assisting the ball carrier when he is tackled

    If any of the 4 ways a tackle can occur has happened then you can't push, drag or carry a player to try to get them into touch, but up until this point an opposition player can try to get the ball...
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    [Law] Re: deliberate knock up

    This is just the same as trying to throw the ball over an opponents head with the aim of catching it. There is no attempt to catch the ball only knock it forward - Penalty all day!
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    Re: thoughts on this tackle

    Guyseep, it's not necessarily the lifting of the player that is the issue. I see the issue being before that point when the player has made contact with head and neck from a swinging arm.
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    Poll: [Ruck] Re: Is the ball out?

    After re-watching the video by Alain Rolland on TWOL, it was stated that if the player over the ball moves from being over the ball, the offside lines disappear. And from both these pictures it would...
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    [Ruck] Re: Diving on the ball as leaving the ruck?

    I was told that you can't dive on the ball if it coming out of a ruck because the game is played on your feet and your first attempt should to either try to pick it up or kick it if it clearly out of...
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    [Law] Re: Wales vs France last minute

    I agree with Crossref that a scrum would seem the most equitable sanction but it could be argued that it is a penalty.
    Laws 8.18 to 8.24 (Penalty goal) tells us that there is a definite and clear...
  10. [Scrum] Re: Where can the non-throwing SH go after ball thrown-in ?

    Pinky, I got to discuss this with a national panel referee coach and he said:

    "World rugby have been known to use videos to illustate points of law that sometimes show other laws not being...
  11. [Scrum] Re: Where can the non-throwing SH go after ball thrown-in ?

    Pinky, I think we will have to agree to disagree about this; I'm of a firm belief one way and you have a different one. I don't see me getting you to change your interpretation, and that's fine. ...
  12. [Scrum] Re: Where can the non-throwing SH go after ball thrown-in ?

    Pinky, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. I will attempt to explain the interpretation give to me, by more learned people than I, of what the law is trying to say.

    The diagram below...
  13. [Scrum] Re: Where can the non-throwing SH go after ball thrown-in ?

    We have all seen the SH going to the other side of the scrum; but if you are going to apply what would seem to be the intent of the law, shouldn't we be managing the SH to stay on the correct side...
  14. Re: Where the 2018 Law Book is actually different from 2017

    I see this as attacker knocks-on in-goal; advantage played; defender grounds the ball, so no advantage gained; go back to the offences that the advantage was for; 5 metre scrum defending team puts...
  15. Re: European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) 2018 Leinster v Wasps - Round 1

    Does anyone know if the citing officer has chipped in with a charge of making physical contact with a match official? It won’t be the first time a player has ran into a ref and been given a ban!
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    [Assistant Referees] Re: Revised TMO trial

    I've got to agree, the on the run consult was an effective way to confirm that thing that you thought you saw out of the corner of your eye. AR's aren't always going to be able to see these, but the...
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    [Tackle] Re: New tackle laws

    Ian, will you please stop providing this type of response, good ideas like that are going to devalue the chats on this forum:sarc:
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    Re: Diving to score

    The only Law this might controvene is 9.11 Player must not do anything that is reckless or dangerous to others.
  19. Thread: Debate on tv

    by Elpablo73

    [Ruck] Re: Debate on tv

    The way it was explained to me was:

    "One person over the ball; offside lines created and it's NOT a ruck so the first opponent in can in theory go to pick the ball up!"

    The reality would be...
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    Re: Knock-on offside scenario

    This whole scenario requires the use of Laws 10.1, 10.4 and 10.5 - 10.1 to define whether the player is offside, 10.4 to determine if the player should be penalised and what the sanction is and 10.5...
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    [Ruck] Re: no more 1 man ruck ?? thoughts

    I think I need to get a new computer and internet connection, because I can't see this clarification on the World Rugby Site as all!!:confused:

    Could one of you fine chaps send me the link?
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    [Law] Re: Score keeping

    I must admit I'm not a fan of making up your own signals, but if an area has a locally understood signal for something and most people watching will understand it, I don't see any issues. But...
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    Poll: [Maul] Re: what is the game status now

    If we all agree it's now a ruck, it should go to the team moving forward at the time when the ball became unplayable, if no-one is moving forward then it's the attacking team gets the put in.
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    [Law] Re: Knock On advantage.. and kick

    As a guide, I went through this decision tree:

    Was the kicker free to exercise all options? No - Go back for the Scrum.
    If the ball was cleanly, or had been cleanly, kicked and it had landed...
  25. [Ruck] Re: Preventing tackled player from releasing the ball/tackled player not releasing

    I've disallow a try due to a player rolling into the in-goal after being tackled and all forward motion stopped. If he'd played the ball his support would have scored - 3 support players against a...
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