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  1. [Junior] Re: Role of the captain in schoolboy rugby?

    It was after a try against, captain insisted that the scorer (14) was in front of the kicker (10), he was level with both the kicker and me. I restarted the game with a penalty to the scoring team,...
  2. [Junior] Role of the captain in schoolboy rugby?

    I referee a lot at schools and unversity level, U14 upwards. I'm increasingly struck by the lack of ability of captains to fulfil the important role of the liaison between their team and me as the...
  3. [Law] Re: Hand Off or Fend to the face/head/neck

    Had exactly this situation in a ladies game yesterday: BC led with her upper shoulder in an upwards direction directly into the face/chin area of tackler. I went with YC
  4. [Law] Tap penalty to player already running: allowed?

    Blue have a penalty on opposition 5m line, opt for a tap. Prior to tap being taken big No8 starts running a line, so that at the point of tap and pass, he's at full tilt and unstoppable, in for a...
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