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Thread: SuperLeague Grand Final: Leeds v St Helens

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    Default SuperLeague Grand Final: Leeds v St Helens

    What an outstanding match this was. You would wish for all finals to be the thrilling & scintillating affair this was.

    The match sealed for Leeds (32-16) with four tries in the last 15 minutes.
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    Default Re: SuperLeague Grand Final: Leeds v St Helens

    Really enjoyed the match, and especially the Sky Sports red button coverage.

    You could select RefLink, which meant the ref's mike was much, much louder than the normal commentary; as well as this, you had Ian Smith (Former Super League referee and current Video Ref) sat there explaining all of Phil Bentham's decisions for penalties and video ref calls.

    And Leeds won, Rob Burrow was just class all game!

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    Default Re: SuperLeague Grand Final: Leeds v St Helens

    Burrow was fantastic!

    Sinfield has kicked 87% this season.

    Great performance. Great game.

    Dark side wins again!
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