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Thread: Peeling props

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    multiple peelers will be limited in number anyway ... leaving aside youth rugby for now, 4 or 8 forwards are already involved in winning the ball (thrower and lifting pod). leave another player in case of an overthrow and that only leaves a maximum of three... potentially also leave another (depending on where ball is thrown for an underthrow) and yiou are left wuth two.

    That all said I would see the best tactical use of this being a 2 or 6 ball ultimately attacking the tramline (<---- ;-) or the 10 channel, although chinese firedrills may be able to create a hole in the middle of the lineout maybe. 4 ball is probably the most likely option for two runners, with a view top creating a hole to attack with the option to go elsewhere IF the hole has not been created I guess.


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    Play on.

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