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Thread: A Friendly Suggestion For The Wiki.

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    Default A Friendly Suggestion For The Wiki.

    I've had to call off this afternoons game; the pitch was frozen hard and unplayable.

    Is there a set of guidance notes for checking frozen pitches? I assume there is, but the only one I could find on a quick Google search was intended for Football refs. I must admit I found it quite useful.

    If someone has a link to a rugby one, would it be an idea to include it in our Wiki?

    If there isn't one, I'd volunteer to cobble something together.

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    Default Re: A Friendly Suggestion For The Wiki.

    Someone posted the RFU guidance on another thread yesterday.

    EDIT: post No 22 here -
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    Default Re: A Friendly Suggestion For The Wiki.

    I always used to do my normal walk of the pitch before changing, if it was frosty and appeared frozen I'd put on a pair of boots.

    If there were areas of the pitch where a stud would not go in then I would give serious consideration calling it off, and initiate a discussion with the captains.

    I know the DB advoce is not to consult, but that strikes me as overly protective and unreasonable. I assume his concern is that ref is not swayed agaionst his better judgement to allow a game to start. I accept that refs neede to be strong minded about their view of safety and not be swayed - but I don't see why a ref should not at least hear their opinions - if only so that he can say - I hear what you say, but in my judgement it is not safe, and I will not referee the game.
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