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    Default Coaching report

    Basic Referee Assessment Form

    Referee: Cody Kuxmann
    Assessor: DM
    Match: Elmbridge Eagles U14s v Eastern Rhinos U14s
    Date of Match: 21/4/2012

    Referees Current Grade (please indicate): none 4A 4B 4C 4D 3 or higher

    Aim to write at least one comment on each section, there should be a mix of both positives and areas for development

    Control of the game
    Did the referee communicate with players? Was dissent dealt with? Was concentration sustained? Was the referee influenced by players? Was he consistent with his decisions? Were sin bins and dismissals used correctly?

    The game was controlled well in the main, you’ve obviously got a good grounding as a match official in other sports and this was clear to see. One area that you do need to work on is controlling the play the ball, there were a couple of knock ons that went unpunished and there was also intereference. If the ball comes out after the tackle is complete you have to make a decision.

    Play the Ball
    Was the ball played correctly? Was lying on and interference penalised? Was the 10m maintained by both teams? Was the handover applied? Were advantage and the zero tackle applied correctly?

    You need to think about players holding the ruck down for too long. This is a vitally important area of the game and teams will look for the quick play the ball. Just be aware of tacklers lying for too long or grabbing legs and pushing as they get up.

    Positioning and Movement
    Was positioning correct for starts and restarts? Was the referee stood in the correct place at the play the ball?
    Was position correct to see forwards passes and knock ons? Was fitness ever in doubt?

    It was clear you were putting effort into getting into good positions. You were especially working hard on chasing the kicks downfield. This was good as it enabled you to be in a good position if any tight calls had to be made.

    Were all signals clear? Were all signals correct as per the laws of the game?

    Decision Making
    Were there any errors in the decisions made? Were decisions correct? Was the referee in the best position to make decisions?

    If you get chance just practice the advantage interpretation. Although this improved over the course of the game just make sure if there is a knock on you don’t blow until either the player recovers it or his team mate touches it. And advantage is over once the opposition carry the ball over the gain line or choose to pass or kick the ball.
    That said your application of the zero tackle rule was excellent for a first match. You applied it more or less every time it needed to be.

    Great call in the first few seconds of the game. Your first call in the sport and it was a kick off bouncing dead. Well done for giving the drop out, many experienced referees would still get that one wrong.

    Summary of Development Areas:
    Be alert to interference
    Play Advantage
    Watch for knock ons at play the ball

    Based on current grade was the official (please indicate):
    Performing towards their current grade
    Performing at their current grade – 4C
    Performing beyond their current grade

    Can't say I'm unhappy with it, but I feel that as time goes on I'll only be gaining more understanding of the game.

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    Default Re: Coaching report

    Looks like a pretty Fair assessment Cody well done.
    Ciaran Trainor

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