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Thread: Spray paint

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    Default Re: Spray paint

    Not sure I like it. One more thing for my old brain to forget.

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    Default Re: Spray paint

    I can see it being useful on artificial surfaces, but not at £8 a tin.
    Im guessing that shaving foam wont disappear like the spray does, and if it rains !!!!!!!!

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    I suspect Simon Thomas will only like it if it's Tom Ford shaving crème applied with a badger hair brush - by his valet.

    I often use the "X" and "T" formed by intersection of lines with 15m and 5m and never notice a massive improvement in scrum straightness or otherwise. I've never refereed on an artificial pitch (there's only one dedicated pitch in Yorkshire 1 - at Keighley. One of those RFU funded schemes) that's not covered in a myriad of other sport's markings so I tend to use those if they're handy.

    Needless to say I am not spending my own money on stuff of questionable benefit to me and certainly not for the benefit of scrum halves, props and hookers.

    I have enough trouble with "left of the mark" with some hookers never mind drawing them a diagram.
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