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Thread: Don't touch the referee

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaguerefaus View Post
    I think I agree with Taff and Menace so far that it was probably only deserving of a talking to, but any contact with the referee is the thin edge of the wedge.
    You need to decide which position to support.

    Discouraging the The thin end from getting a foothold, means you are not signing up to 'accepting the fat end' consequences. If you dont want the latter dont cultivate the former.

    Too many ' fat end' bemoaners don't recognise the contribution of their 'thin end' excusing in this development process.

    The next time you are grabbed harder or assaulted remember this post, & imagine the influences that the perpetrator could draw on.
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    If that happened to me I may accept the first touch as youthful frustration but once you have said don't touch me minimum yellow card and penalty and a stern talking to on his return prior to the game starting.
    Ciaran Trainor

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