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Thread: First Seven's Tournament - Advice

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    Default First Seven's Tournament - Advice

    Hi Guys, I've got my first Sevens tournament tomorrow, and while I'm happy with my knowledge of the variations etc I'm in the dark with best positioning etc.

    How do you guys approach the game - knowing that rucks are much shorter and my legs are going to get a pretty big workout tomorrow!

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    Default Re: First Seven's Tournament - Advice

    a Few pointers I received on the few 7's tournament I had:
    1. Sometime the PK is the best advantage
    2. Ruck offenses are much quicker than in 15's
    3. Prefer A line as much as possible
    4. Run with the ball, not the defensive line as much as possible

    1. 7's is a fast game. Blowing the PK and allowing a quick tap is quite often a better advantage than "playing advantage". But of course, not always
    2. Slowing the ball at a ruck by not rolling away (for example) for 3 seconds is enough for the defensive line to rearrange and for the attacking team to lose momentum
    3 & 4. Attacking team will tend to move backwards to look for a gap/opportunity. If you run the D line, you have high chances to be 15 metres away from the next tackle.

    Oh, I almost forgot: Enjoy the day!

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