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Thread: Confused about Law 22.8

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    Choice of 22m dropout, or scrum at mark

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearandbu View Post
    Hmmm, maybe I wasn't clear in my original post. I'll offer a scenario. Blue kicks the ball in open play. Red player in the try zone attempts to field the ball which almost certainly would have settled in the try zone, but it bounces off Reds hands across the deadball line. So, it was the action of Red that caused the ball to go into deadball territory. Does that matter? What do you offer Red team? Dropout or scrum, or just dropout.
    Where does the scenario fit with Law 22.8?

    22.8 Ball kicked dead through in-goal 12
    If a team kicks the ball through their opponents’ in-goal into touch-in-goal or on or over the dead ball line, except by an unsuccessful kick at goal or attempted dropped goal, the defending team has two choices:

    •To have a drop-out, or
    •To have a scrum at the place where the ball was kicked and they throw in.

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