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    Default lucky bugger

    Having watched the ladies' game at the arms park, son and I are in the urban radio house across the road

    With fifteen minutes to kick off a bloke randomly asks us if e would like agree ticket to the game s his mate hadn't showed up

    Joe has never been to a6N game ago I duly despatched him to the ground��


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    Default Re: lucky bugger

    Lovely when it happens.

    Back in the early 80s a group of us were on the Tube on the way to Richmond to watch the England v Wales game at Old Deer Park. For some reason, I struck up a conversation with a middle aged couple (talking to anybody on the tube seems to be frowned on - but we were in a good mood) and out of the blue he just says "Do you want a couple of tickets for the game?" I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. He pulls out 2 genuine tickets and refused point blank to take anything more than face value for them.

    What's the chances of that happening?

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