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Thread: Picking Up The Ball At A Ruck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisR View Post
    Didds, we don't have that problem in the US coz there ain't no rugby on TV. Well, there is a little, but not much and not watched by many kids.
    fair comment there!


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    Default Re: Picking Up The Ball At A Ruck.

    There was a try disallowed in Super Rugby a few years ago because a player in the middle of a ruck disengaged from the ruck, picked the ball up and dived over the tryline. The official reason given for disallowing the try was "offside" because he was in front of the hindmost foot at the ruck.

    At the time I thought it was an excellent decision and I hoped it would spread to apply to players in rucks in all parts of the field. Alas, it seems to be something that is routinely ignored. I would love there to be a crackdown on players in front of the hindmost feet playing the ball at the ruck. I could live with the player (normally the halfback) allowed to have one foot in front so he can pass the ball like at a scrum)
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