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Thread: Receiver position at LO.

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    Default Re: Receiver position at LO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Decorily View Post
    Yes....and I appreciate that.
    I actually am convinced that I was correct to allow it.......just nobody else on the day agreed!
    Edit. I think even the player himself expected to be penalised!!
    Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck, chances are........ it's a duck Clear Obvious and Expected ?

    Pitch management, tidy up things like that before the phase of play starts, i.e. make sure the receiver is 2m or 10m and they're not part of the LO. So for a LO i'm looking, numbers for both hookers, receivers and finally both FH's back 10m.

    Ask yourself this question, if the ball is "off the top" from the LO, would you have allowed a (very) quick defending player to run through and intercept the ball before it got to the receiver
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    Default Re: Receiver position at LO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Balones View Post
    DocY - I can see no reason for a team to stand their receiver close to 10m back unless it's a screw up, and I'd have no qualms about penalising.

    I have seen it done several times where the defending side have a man short in the back line because of a card. If by chance they win the line they rely on one of the forwards taking the ball first before he moves up.
    Yes, defensively there is merit in not having a receiver (Wales used to do it with Mike Philips standing in for the hooker to be on hand in case the lineout went against the throw), but that's quite different from having a receiver standing deep, especially when you expect to win the ball.

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    Default Re: Receiver position at LO.

    If the acting scrum half stands deep then he needs to be identifiable to the referee, its as simple as that.

    If he doesn't identify himself and stands so deep as to be indistinguishable from the back line then he has to deal with the consequences.
    I'ts the same as the scrum half standing at the back of the line, the referee needs to know if he is the scrum half, or just the tail gunner leaving it late to join the line.

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