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Thread: New Laws : 8 in a scrum

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    Default Re: New Laws : 8 in a scrum

    Quote Originally Posted by beckett50 View Post
    Sorry to resurrect this, but I have been thinking of this for some time.

    I understand why a team that has gone uncontested MUST now have 8 in the scrum. BUT, can this extra player be the #9?

    Checking the definitions of a scrum the LotG state
    A scrum must have eight players from each team. All eight players must stay bound to the scrum until it ends. Each front row must have three players in it, no more and no less. Two locks must form the second row.

    At no point do the Laws state that there must be an opposing scrum half. So, can the team with 14 elect to put their scrum half in as the extra player?
    Doesn't make sense not to have a scrum half in place in my view. You are giving up territory with him having his own offside line which is 5m in front of other players not in the scrum, i.e Behind the back most foot, should he wish to move away rather than follow the ball.

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    Default Re: New Laws : 8 in a scrum

    There is nothing in law to stop the defending 9 being the 8th man in the scrum. Remember they are uncontested so there is no need for pushing and the putting in side must win the ball. I think the reasoning behind this is to create some space for the side still at 15 players.

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