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Thread: on the ground in the in goal .. or not ...

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    Default Re: on the ground in the in goal .. or not ...

    You've got to have a bit of empathy in these situations.

    The defender has gone in to grab the ball as the attacker is trying to place it, which is a perfectly fair (and difficult) thing to do.

    If the attacker is 2 metres away, that's one thing, but when it's difficult to judge if the ball has grazed the plane of goal line penalising it is making a rod for your own back.

    As I said earlier, it's like trying to hold up the BC just short of the line.
    You go to the TMO who comes back and says "the ball was grounded short". You don't then say "well technically the ball wasn't over the goal line so the defenders had to release the BC, so it's a penalty (or penalty try)". You use a minimum of empathy and give an attacking scrum.

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    Default Re: on the ground in the in goal .. or not ...

    Hi docy .
    Im all for empathy for lots of circumstances in rugby .

    But there are far too many infingements by deffending team , to allow try . In above clip

    You wouldnt let it happen on half way line .
    So there can be no lowering of rules , because its close to try line .. ( in fact empathy might allow vice versa )

    On a slightly different note .
    I do think that tmo protocol is not same stance in every match .
    Now i understand no 2 refs are the same .
    And some clubs welcome some refs more than others .

    But i think tmo , should have a tick box to cover times when they are requested .
    Forward pass or not ,,box ticked
    Off side at last pass ,,box tickex .
    Off feet ,, box ticked..

    Etc etc .
    We should also possibly have all questions where doubt about grounding be ,,try or no try please .
    And maybe let tmo make final call .
    I think the proffesional game is fairly good entertainment ,,but some refs need to stop being so reliant on tmo ,,and if they call tmo ,,then tmo can only have last say .

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    Default Re: on the ground in the in goal .. or not ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Christy View Post
    if they call tmo ,,then tmo can only have last say .
    Often they request the video and make their own mind up before the TMO makes any comment. I see no problem with that. I don't think we need to be overly prescriptive. The two are colleagues and should be allowed to work things out between themselves.
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