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Thread: Penalty Try and Beam Me Up Scottie justification

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    Default Penalty Try and Beam Me Up Scottie justification

    I've been coached to apply the "beam me up scottie" approach when looking at foul play preventing a try or , significantly, scoring a try in a better position.

    For the avoidance of doubt, this approach says to look at what would probably have happened if the player-who-fouled was removed from the scenario, and , it specifically tells us that we should not consider things such as : "Well, if that player had not committed foul play, then he would have got back and prevented the try legally".

    I have 2 questions arising from recent watched TMO conversations which lead me to doubt what I've learned.

    1) Is there a reference or clarification which I can quote which tells me to apply the "beam me up Scottie" approach.? I am struggling to find one.

    2) The "in-goal" laws, 22.17, make specific mention that a PT may be awarded *if* a try would have been scored in a "better position". Now, does this mean that I cannot consider this "better position" idea if the foul play occurred outside the in-goal area ? This seems a little unfair, if so. But that's one interpretation.

    Cheers, in advance,
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