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Thread: Abusing referees

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    We have monthly regional meeting where the agenda has a main theme e.g. "New Laws", "The Lineout", "Managing the Scrum". Here there is usually a presentation (with video examples) which we discuss in pods and contribute to a common understanding. I find it quite useful, personally.
    We'll also get any updates on law clarifications which we are asked to implement.
    Exactly the same situation here. Interestingly, at this month’s meeting the theme was referee abuse and a similar situation was raised as an example for discussion. The recommendation was to speak with the captain and coach if the situation became unacceptable and inform them that a referee abuse report would be filed against the club and It was up to them to deal with the situation now in order to demonstrate that they were taking the situation seriously. Under no circumstances should a referee enter into conversation with a spectator.

    In the case cited in the OP we don’t know what was said to the referee but if it was serious personal abuse and the club did nothing to intervene then the referee has the option to ignore it or abandon the match. If it was severe enough to call off the game and if the ref had previously asked the captain and coach to intervene without success then I am quite sure that the society would back the ref to the hilt and make a serious representation against the club to the home union.

    WRT the 2018 Law Book, reference was made to its existence and availability online. It was stated that there were no new laws and that we should continue refereeing in the same way as before. There was no further discussion as no one was excited by the development.
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    In General, players [and spectators] get the level of referee that their level of players skill/expertise deserves. If they are good enough to be a semi pro player or above then they'll get a semi-pro referee etc

    The community spectator needs to understand that community referees are unavoidable essentials!

    Most of us endure touchline criticism, lots of it is ill-informed, most is white noise & doesn't reach the ears, often we adopt a thick-skinned mentality.

    Clubs are often guilty of not self policing their own grassybanks or not challenging the disrespectful shouters that cross from wit & banter into unacceptable commentary.

    As for training, I see lots of effort being applied, but i can see why those without management skills might struggle, it takes a special person to referee in the modern community game that is so influenced by TV, money & punditry. Good referees are clear thinking multi-skilled managers of people who operate in an environment of testosterone & collisions & Law bending of the margins !

    good luck to all who sail in her.

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