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WRT to smaller pitches and groundsmen... It can;t be THAT difficult with the aid of some suitably bright cones to define the playing pitch as being bounded by the 5m and 15m lines (or if that's too small the 5m and 5m lines and a suitable in goal area marked with cones within that. All conversions taken either in front of existing posts wherever the kicker feels confortable, defenders behindf the "full" goalline. Or, as normal even with defenders behind the "full goalline" ignoring the exiustence of the "short" goaline if realy necessary (I can;t think when it might be).

Thats was we apply here for u12 and below @12 per side. Use the 5m dashed lines with cones to create 90 x 60. Not hard at all. Works fine. I think in oz we could extend that number and field size to u13 and maybe 14s too.