2017 Laws 19.8 Forming a lineout

(d) When the ball is in touch , every player who approaches the line of touch is presumed to do
so to form a lineout. Players who approach the line of touch must do so without delay.
Players of either team must not leave the lineout once they have taken up a position in the
lineout until the lineout has ended.
Sanction: Free Kick on the 15-metre line

2018 Laws 18 forming a lineout

12. Teams form the lineout without delay. Sanction: Free-kick.

Under 2018 law there is no reference to players approaching the mark of touch. therefore, it is permissible to approach the mark of touch and then retire as long as it is done without delay.

Does this change condone the throwing side approaching the mark of touch with 7 but dropping players out before they get there?