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Thread: WR Law Exam - not updated for May 2018 amends?

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    Default WR Law Exam - not updated for May 2018 amends?

    Just been working my way through the WR Law Exam again, and it seems it hasn't been updated for the May 2018 amendments.

    Here is a question on Law 21: In-goal

    The attacking team kicks the ball towards the goal-line. A defender with one foot on the goal line picks up the ball which was in motion within the field of play and grounds the ball in-goal. What should the referee rule?
    * 5 metre scrum, attacking team's put-in
    * 5 metre scrum, defending team's put-in
    * A 22 drop-out

    Now based on the May 2018 amends, I assumed in this case a combination of 21.13/21.14 and 19.1 would apply, and it would be '5 metre scrum, attacking team's put-in'.

    21.13 If any part of a defending player is in in-goal, that player is considered to be in in-goal, provided they are not also in touch or on or over the dead-ball line.
    21.14 If a player, who is in in-goal, catches or picks up a ball that is still in the field of play, that player has taken the ball into in-goal.

    Infringement/Stoppage: The ball is taken into in-goal by the defending team and made dead.
    Location of scrum: In the scrum zone at the point closest to where the ball was made dead.
    Who throws in: The attacking team.

    However this answer is marked as incorrect.
    Screenshot 2018-07-10 21.57.35.jpg

    The correct answer the exam is expecting is 'A 22 drop-out'.
    Screenshot 2018-07-10 22.11.11.jpg

    Am I right that the correct ruling should now be '5 metre scrum, attacking team's put-in'?
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    Default Re: WR Law Exam - not updated for May 2018 amends?

    you are correct and the quiz is wrong

    the quiz has lots of errors and doesn't even reflect the 2018 Law Book -some of the answers are still based on the 2017 Book

    see here

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