Local directive that ADD restrictions etc to the law book are not contradictions. They are additional requirements and are allowed by WR. What you can't do is remove WR requlations.

So you can make a scrum uncontested at any level you choose. Or you can (as we do in Wales) say that the old "must blow the whistle and NO advantage" at collapsed scrums does not apply at leveler below the Welsh Premiership etc. YOu can't allow a "full" push at U19 because that "removes a safelty regulation"

Inshort laws can be "stricter not "softer".

That al said this seems to be a miss reading by someone. Sadly we have been told " Uncontested scrums caused by a card casue 8V8 in the scrum evem if your were are 8 V 7 before the card. I see the sense in enforcing the maintaining 8 V 7 not 8 V 8.

Get it in writing is my advise, if you can.

With assessors (not all attend society meetings, just like refs!) I tend to bring up the odd "new" regulations / directives before the game. to make sure they are aware of them. Mind you at my stage of my career if I am pulled up for an error that is in fact the assessors error. I give my opinion, smile and move on. I then send a note to the head of the advisors with the relevent documentation supporting my position. After all advisors also need to keep up.