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Thread: Ireland V USA - Driving Wedge?

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    Default Ireland V USA - Driving Wedge?

    New poster, early 40's, never played but toying with the idea of becoming an affiliate ref with a local club as I have always enjoyed rugby and the many laws. Also be good to keep fit, anyway I digress.

    Ireland get a lineout which Henderson gathers and Ireland get a big driving maul on, it looked ok to me but during play both commentators called a driving wedge? All players were bound and joined correctly, the only thing I can spot is that Henderson had an Irish player level and then slightly ahead on either side of him. Ref didn't call it, actually gave Ireland an advantage and USA didn't protest but I'd be interested in what the refs here think. Forward to 39.50 in the link below.

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    Default Re: Ireland V USA - Driving Wedge?

    nhughes, welcome to the forum. Do seriously consider being a referee, I suspect you will find a welcome from your local club.

    This issue was discussed in another thread, I think,

    The consensus seemed to be that something was not quite right about the decision.

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