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Thread: Application of Laws

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    Default Re: Application of Laws

    Quote Originally Posted by BikingBud View Post
    "You look at the younger girls now getting capped in front of that many people - that shows how quickly our game has developed in 12 years and the support that's out there for it."

    Katy Daley-Mclean on BBC Rugby discussing the changes since her first cap 12 years ago.

    Do you want to tell her CR?
    A player calling her teammates 'girls' is colloquial and accepted, largely because she is part of the class, and may even be because of the engrained culture of patriarchy . Your use has a different connotation, as you are a member of the patriarchy, and it has made your otherwise relevant question seem ignorant to other. Faced with this you have double down on your ignorance. I guess boys will be boys, right?

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    Default Re: Application of Laws

    @thepercy You apply the connotation that you may wish to and feel affronted for other people.

    Seems like they're all at it:

    Mike Ross

    The group of girls have been working hard under the watchful eye of head coach Craig Young to get to this stage and, having been involved in friendlies, they are now ready for competitive rugby.

    “I feel like the energy for the girls would have been electrifying,” said Thompson, who has won 40 caps for her country. and “The girls are very professional – they’ll have done all their analysis, they’ll have done their preparation for the match,” she said.

    Watch the Welsh -

    But the girls in green will aim to at least equal last year’s third place finish.

    You may feel that this is in the same league as the frequent use by Samuel L Jackson of a particularly ugly term but I would say you need to take a massive chill pill.

    Anyway what do you think about the application of the laws, with the same rigour or otherwise?

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