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Thread: Incorrectly taken penalty.

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    Default Re: Incorrectly taken penalty.

    The Laws have changed ... But in practice for almost any everyday scenario we are likely to encounter the outcome is the same

    The exception to that is the quick tap not tapped properly . In the old days it was a scrum (with many referees doing take it again). Now it really is take it again

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    Default Re: Incorrectly taken penalty.

    crossref, there have been several threads recently where you seem to have been wilfully ignoring or misrepresenting arguments, and I'm not sure why the change.

    In 2017, a player in front of the kicker who (say) interfered with the catch would have led to a scrum back at the mark; the same for players in front who didn't retire. An unnecessary delay would then have been sanctioned by a scrum back at the mark. A place kick for touch likewise.

    In 2019 you sanction the players in front with the offside law, but that is a change in the laws, because taking the penalty was not open play and was explicitly sanctioned with a scrum back. Even if you wish to argue that the penalty was resumption of open play, the previous requirement at a penalty was to retire, whereas under Law 10 you can stay still until put onside.

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