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Thread: The woes of the scrum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zebra1922 View Post
    How do you all referee this in the weeds? Allow multiple resets? Or ping this in line with laws?
    Id suggest that at the levels I am aquainted with (level 7 and below inclusing youth AG) it just doesn't happen. Scrums get set, ball comes in, balls comes out. Occasionally a PK/FK but on the whole that's because of other things after the ball has been struck.

    Now, I last played something like 13 years ago or whatever, but I cant recall scrums "ever" going down. I remember one in my last game (!) but that is really all I honestly remember!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Lifeson-Peart View Post
    Horses for courses.

    Slow it down too much and the fat f***ers can't keep steady.
    I'm one of these fat f***ckers, I can hold it for a loooooong time.

    But I tell the teams, that the scrums will be slow and deliberate. In 3 matches I've had 6 scrums go down. Just reset them and the next ones were fine. Slow and steady seems the way for me to go at least.

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