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Thread: Wales v SA: Former Test Ref says Wales were robbed

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    Default Wales v SA: Former Test Ref says Wales were robbed

    Former test ref Rob Debney [who?] says Wales were robbed:

    It wasn’t a great game of rugby, there was a lot of kicking. But you have to wonder if that was because they know what you are getting with Jérôme Garcès, who makes it a lottery at the contact area.

    He penalised Wales with ten minutes to go. They were on the ten-metre line and generating some good momentum and he incorrectly penalised Alun Wyn Jones for holding on. Garcès should have penalised South Africa as Franco Mostert did not move away and prevented Elliot Dee from clearing out Francois Louw. Wales should have had a kickable penalty that would have put them 19-16 up.

    Just a few minutes later, he penalised Wales either for coming in from the side at a maul or collapsing it, but he had been letting this sort of thing go all game. Why give it at that stage of the game? He changed the way he refereed in the final ten minutes and contributed to South Africa winning it, which is not what a referee should do.

    The day before, in the England game, Nigel Owens set out his stall early on. Every time there was an opportunity to set some standards he blew the whistle and that positively affected the way the game was played. Garcès, on the other hand, was reactive rather than proactive — he didn’t referee the context of the game.

    It has got to be Nigel Owens for the final — it is a no-brainer. It is a terrible shame for Wayne Barnes that England are in the final as he is the outstanding referee in the tournament. I spoke to him and he is philosophical about it and just wants England to win, which is a measure of the man.

    No sour grapes from me though - as a Wales fan, I thought in the Louw penalty SA painted the ref a good picture and got the call. It's always a close call whether the not-rolling-away was material or not.

    And the re the 2nd one, I think there just wasn't any identifiable players deliberately collapsing the maul previously, but this time there were.

    So I would love to agree with him but can't say I agree on his analysis. SA were just that little bit better on the day, and that's that.

    Would be interesting to hear what people think.

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    Default Re: Wales v SA: Former Test Ref says Wales were robbed

    I just think they are examples of half-a-dozen of one and six of another, and the most egregious or obvious gets pinged. Bottom line - don't hope the oppo cheat worse than you have.


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