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Thread: Gain in ground - taken back to 22

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jz558 View Post
    Also made the mistake towards the end of last season for a player who was in front of the kicker, he started to move forward, I meant to say something like "stay there" or "don't move", but heard myself actually saying "offside".
    I'm OK with what you said. He was indeed offside. But only subject to penalty if he then interferes with play. He didn't, so all good.
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    Default Re: Gain in ground - taken back to 22

    Quote Originally Posted by shep View Post
    ... Can a team get tackled outside the 22, form a ruck, for a centipede ruck, ruck the ball back into the 22 and then kick it out on the full for a gain in ground? ... So can you take the ball back over the 22 in a ruck or maul and kick out on the full?
    I would say No.

    If that's not a clear case of "taken back in" then I don't know what is. Make it clear though.

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