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Thread: summary of law changes, proposals and trials ?

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    Default Re: summary of law changes, proposals and trials ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dickie E View Post
    I put the question out to my society and got a stony silence. Very strange. What's the point of a trial if it's not discussed afterwards.
    It probably was discussed by those who needed to know.

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    Default Re: summary of law changes, proposals and trials ?

    Quote Originally Posted by CrouchTPEngage View Post
    I understand the motivations for the changes. Worth a try. One big question is the goal-line drop-out. I assume we will now get a 10-metre line rather than rely on our decison that the DO has actually travelled the 10 metres ? ( Shares in Whitewash companies suddenly go up 10% ! )
    We had this last year in the NRC. From memory, the 5 metre line was used.

    But might be moot because nobody appears to be trialling it :

    Where to see the trials in action in 2020
    Australia, New Zealand and South Africa | Super Rugby – High Tackle Technique Warning
    Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Uruguay and USA |Americas Rugby Championship – 50:22 kick
    France – Top 14 and Pro D2 – High Tackle Technique Warning
    Community Rugby: C 2nd and 3rd federal division – Federal B – Excellence B – Women’s Federal 1,C = Regional series – Honour Reserves – Rugby entreprises – Women’s’ Federal 2 – U19 League 1 and 2 – U16 League 1 and 2 – Women’s Federal U18 , D = Game with 10 players – Waist High Tackle
    South Africa | Varsity Cup – 50:22 kick
    Fiji | Kaji competition, Deans Schools, Skipper and Vanua and Women’s competitions – Waist High Tackle
    Georgia | U16 and U18s – 50:22 kick
    Italy | Top 12, Serie A, B, C, Women, U18 and U16 – 50:22 kick
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    Default Re: summary of law changes, proposals and trials ?

    The area I am confused on it the the tackle height. They did one trial on the tackle height being chest height and it was found that reducing the tackle height cause more head injuries? (I think that's correct) so they have now decided to reduce it (for the trial) to waist height? I can't see the logic here!

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