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Thread: advantage story

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    Default Re: advantage story

    Quote Originally Posted by didds View Post
    I suppose what I mean is all the time they are making ground going forward why call it over. If you call it over after 2 goes and "only" 1 metre gained what is to say 8 attempts later they wont have scored in such a manner?

    If they've gone literally nowhere linearly after several attempts that's fair enough to call over. If they've lost ground ditto.

    maybe I'm just not getting what you mean.

    Because at some point, if they're only getting 0.5m under pressure, you're going to decide that the advantage isn't real. SO you bring it back.
    In my experience, Coaches, Ref Coaches and players are unhappy with that scenario. The teams especially are resentful about lost time and too much hard work for nothing.
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    Default Re: advantage story

    Quote Originally Posted by Arabcheif View Post
    "I assume you are talking about penalty advantage here?
    You appear to only be playing territorial advantage.
    See 1.a below and discuss "

    Yeah Pen advantage.
    Territorial and tactical. My 1st question to myself is do they still have the ball (tactical), if they kick it and lose possession I'm calling it back. If they kick it and regain possession, it'll depend how far down the field we are, have they had a good chance to attack. If they regain possession and its 50ms down the field then I'm calling advantage over, 10 ms I'm letting it breathe, see how it pans out (territorial).

    The definition of tactical advantage is "The non-offending team is free to play the ball as they wish."
    If they kick the ball way down the field, under no pressure at all, out of choice, have they then played the ball as they wish?

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    Default Re: advantage story

    What's better - a contestable line-out 30m downfield, or going forward 20m downfield with ball in hand and broken play?

    A contestable line-out 30m downfield, or a 50m punt from your own 10m that finds grass, and the oppo fullback who gathers it gets tackled after 5m of return as everyone scrambles back?

    I think it's very context-sensitive and down to judgement. It's useful to have rules of thumb, but also useful to remember that that's all they are

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