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Thread: Red and Yellow Cards at Youth Level

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    Default Re: Red and Yellow Cards at Youth Level

    There are two approaches with Youth:
    One is to cater down to them because of their youth and inexperience.
    The other is to set high standards and get them to reach to them.

    Whichever approach you take - red is red is red.
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    Default Re: Red and Yellow Cards at Youth Level

    I think you have a sound philosophy for officiating junior rugby. I tend to referee juniors (U13's to U19's) and will err on the warning side when witnessing the type of issue you have raised. That said, when getting to the slightly older age grade teams, especially Colts / U19's I will warn then use the cards as at this age, there is a significant increase in risk especially with respect to high tackles. But for younger teams who are still learning the game, having a quiet word on the run, then reinforcing this when there is a stoppage works well for me.

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