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Thread: maul moving from field of play into in-goal

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    Default maul moving from field of play into in-goal

    this happened on Saturday.

    Atacking team had a good rolling maul going that became stationery about a metre from the opponents goal line. I told them to use it or get the maul moving again. My intent was to award the scrum feed to the defenders if it remained unplayable.

    The maul lurched forward a metre and then ended up stationery but now in-goal.

    I awarded the restart scrum to the attacking team 5 metres out.

    I've no doubt that this was the right decision but I feel some sympathy for the defenders. The attacking team never looked like grounding the ball and they failed to meet their "use it or lose it" responsibility.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: maul moving from field of play into in-goal

    The maul apparently did restart within your time limit.

    Law 17.1 (a) A maul can only take place in the field of play.

    Therefore the maul law no longer applied. Ball held up. Attacking scrum.
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