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The awards are given out annually to members of the site, and to persons that have contributed to the refereeing community over the last year.

The awards were started in 2011, and were a great success.

The Awards

The Awards are:

2011 Award Winners

Referee Personality of the year - Alan Rolland
Elite Referee of the Year - Mark Lawrence Non-Referee Member of the Year - Didds Rookie of the Year - RLRef1984 Member of the Year - OB..

Blunder of the Year - Blackberry
My blunder got national coverage (BBC Radio 5, Danny Baker Show) a few weeks ago. I went to referee in the east of the country. I got there really early, met the groundsman, the coaches, the captains and eventually the assessor, a very large guy carrying a large glass of port. He miked me up and sent me on my way. A few minutes later I was chatting with the home captain on the half way line, writing down his name and position. As I did this he asked me if I was being assessed. "Yes I replied" still writing, "he's the guy over there". I absent mindedly pointed over my shoulder. "Which one" he asked, "the tall guy or the fat guy?" "The fat guy" I answered without thinking. In the bar after the match it was claimed my hand actually shot out and covered the microphone, trying to bolt the stable door long long after the horse had bolted. The debriefing was notably icy.

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